Documenting Software Architecture using the c4model and PlantUML

As someone who has always loved process improvement and finding the patterns is what we do, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to do things better. On a recent project I was documenting the Software Architecture… again, and I so I opened Visio… again and that same dread of “How the hell am I going to document this so it makes sense” hit me.

I decided to do a search and find out what other people are doing now when I came across the c4model which can be easily authored using one of my favourite documentation tools PlantUml. I couldn’t help but jump in.

Very briefly the c4model provides 4 (as in c4) levels of abstraction for documenting a project.

The top layer provides a limited set of components to keep the document simple. As we step down into each layer a few more components are added, gradually adding more detail.

c4model overview

The components are far simpler to remember than all the permutations of UML yet detailed enough to provide a consistent language for describing your application.

Make sure you watch this video by Simon Brown (the creator of the model) because its a great introduction.

Combining c4 with PlantUML

The process to generate these documents with PlantUML is really simple thanks to the C4-PlantUML extension created by RicardoNiepel.

1. Include a reference to the required extension from at the top of our document.

' Context Diagram

' Container Diagram

' Component Diagram

2. Start adding the custom types included in the extension for your diagram.

Person(personAlias, "Label", "Optional Description")
Container(containerAlias, "Label", "Technology", "Optional Description")
System(systemAlias, "Label", "Optional Description")

3. Add the required relationships.

Rel(personAlias, containerAlias, "Label", "Optional Technology")

Testing it out online

You can easily test this process out online simply by using the free PlantUml Editor.

@startuml C4_Elements

Person(personAlias, "Label", "Optional Description")
Container(containerAlias, "Label", "Technology", "Optional Description")
System(systemAlias, "Label", "Optional Description")

Rel(personAlias, containerAlias, "Label", "Optional Technology")

Setting it up locally

This process allows us to author the diagram directly from Visual Studio Code. I like it because everything is local, your business-sensitive diagrams aren’t going out to the interwebs.


There are a few applications we need setup for this process.

choco install plantuml
choco install graphviz

VS Code

Install the PlantUML Extension

ext install plantuml

Configure PlantUML

Formatting PlantUML

Here is an example of how simple it is to author and preview these documents in VS Code.

PlantUML c4model diagram generation


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