Sitecore Content Hub Page Permissions

I have been working through the Sitecore Content Hub Training and got stuck trying to configure page permissions for ages. Every time that I tried to add the Portal.Page condition all I could select was the Home value.

It turns out it is just a slight oversight in user experience and the trick is to click on the actual name of the Home item.

This affects version 3.1.04

page permissions drill down

I think updating it to function like the Taxonomy Selector for Asset details would be much better:

taxonomy selector

Adding page permissions

In case you are interested here is the process to add page permissions to a User Group here are the steps I use.

  1. Navigate to: Manage > Users > User Groups > Policies

Create a new Rule

  1. Click New Rule
  2. Search for “page”
  3. Select: “Portal page (”
  4. Click OK

select new rule

Add the Portal Pages

  1. Click “Add Condition”
  2. Search for “page”
  3. Select: “Portal page (”
  4. Click Select
  5. Select the desired Pages: Asset Detail Page, Mass edit, Order, Reports
  6. Click Select

select new rule

Add the Rights & Save

  1. Select the desired Permissions: Read
  2. Click Save

select new rule

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